Brent Cross interested in bidding for Quintain

Brent Cross owner Hammerson, is a possible contender in the bid for Quintain’s property arm, according to an article in the Evening Standard. Hammerson, who are also planning the £5 billion regeneration of Brent Cross, is showing interest in the developer of our lush-urban-abode. This news has sent share-prices surging due to a number of big players in the property market salivating at Quintain’s assets. The other big property players showing interest includes British Land and Qataris (the big boys from the Middle East).

I think it’s not a matter of if, but when Quintain will spin off their property arm, especially with the deputy CEO Nick Shattock moving on. When such notable departures happen at the top it’s usually signs of a re-org of some sort, maybe making synergy preparations for a Hammerson take-over?

With the owners of Brent Cross interested, one thing’s for sure the retail infrastructure experience they can bring to the table will be great news for Wembley City.

Land Lords! get your marketing and sales team on hand, you might get some new home buyers with this positive media attention?

Source London Evening Standard