Blueroom restaurant in Wembley to close and developed into flats 

The popular Indian restaurant, located at the top of Cottrell House, a dilapidated car showroom in north west London, will close later this year.

artist''s impression of Cottrell House

Property developer Signia, are one of a slew of new developers submitting planning applications for the opportunity area of Wembley. They will join Quintain who is the dominant player, in bringing a luxury high-rise in place of the busy curry house.


Cottrell House is a 8-storey building, though the artist’s impression would suggest the new development will increase to about 12-storeys. The current building has no space for a play area on the ground floor, so the developer has decided to stick it on the roof and in doing so, has described it as innovative.

Blueroom is in the top 20% of restaurants in the Wembley area and is characterised by its pulsating blue strobe lights from the top floor, accompanied by thumping Bollywood tunes; another part of Wembley to be erased.

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