Another Pedestrian Killed On Busy Wembley Park Roads

Another road accident, again!

This time involving 2 vehicles which have left a man in his 30’s dead.

I went for a run this morning and on my way I noticed the road had been cordoned-off by police, there was a huge lorry parked up and a blue tent where paramedics were attending to someone.

Empire Way has become increasingly busy during the transformation of Wembley Park; I would hate to think that a pedestrian has been hit by a vehicle of that size on such a narrow road.

Just 6 months ago a pedestrian was hit by a car on the same spot.

Two years ago there was an incident involving a lorry and a young boy, whom sadly lost his life.

It’s been 2 years since residents have called on Brent Council to address this high-profile pedestrian problem to make the roads safer as Wembley becomes a busier destination.