Looking back at 2011

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Firstly, Happy New Year!

When this blog first appeared at the end of 2010, some residents wanted to know if the blog was official. Service providers requested censorship of particular things. It’s safe to say we have come a long way since then, opening up a few minds and pulling down some barriers along the way. 2011 has seen the blog become recognised by both residents and service providers as a useful tool powered by the residents.

In 2011, we saw November as the busiest month and an overall increase in page views; over 3,000 views a month. Unique visitors also increased up to an average of 600 unique visitors a month; not too bad for a local blog only intended for 100 plus residents.

We’ve had some really important issues reported by residents, here’s a round up of the top 5 posts by page views:

5. Residents Meeting, 26/10/2011161 page views

A report about residents second meeting with service providers. To date most of the decisions still haven’t been actioned. This is especially bad for Family Mosaic residents, our neighbourhood manager has really let us down… Missing heating bill and service charge report? Our third meeting needs to happen ASAP, we need to demand results!

4. Quadrant Court Night Club, 162 page views

Noisy neighbours partying until 4 AM! Some good advice was left in the comments including who to contact should this happen again.

3. QC Underground Car Park, 199 page views

It’s a mad dash for the last remaining parking spaces! Parking spaces are like gold dust around here, some helpful alternative parking ideas have been provided in the comments.

2. Faulty Main Entrance Door, 214 page views

This was a big one, residents came together to put pressure on the service providers by sending emails of complaint and staying on their back until we got a result. This is a great example of how much residents value security. However, the concierge issue still hasn’t been resolved.

1. Very Important Bicycle Store Robbery, 267 page views

At number 1, the post with the highest views, it’s no surprise as we were all shocked by the news. Even for residents who don’t have bikes, the unsettling feeling that professional thieves are our neighbours is pretty unnerving. 6 months later no update about the first theft, a broken promise from LRM about reducing access to the store and also in that time… The thieves have struck again.

Thanks to all of the residents and service providers who have contributed to making our fantastic homes a safer, cleaner, pleasant and more transparent place to live (although we do have a few minor and major things still outstanding).

On a negative note, I unfortunately have to mention a comment left by a resident on the 31 Dec 2011. Their comments were the first of it’s kind being offensive to myself and other residents. The comments can be read here:

Comment on Bike theft again!!!! by annon


Comment on Xmas Tree by annon

Please keep in mind that the internet is a public place and those who abuse the use of free speech and spread hatred can easily be identified. When I found out who is responsible for those comments I was very, very disappointed. If the majority of active residents demand to know the identity of the person responsible for the offensive comments, then by consensus I will reveal who the person is.

Thanks to Mish for showing great community spirit and confronting the comments by annon, her response can be read here:

Comment on Bike theft again!!!! by Mish

Thanks everyone,