Blog on the block

Readers may have noticed a change in the blog;

from the granular title Quadrant Court Portal to the more sprawling Wembley City.

There are two main reasons for this change:

  1. This site is not a portal, I felt leaving it titled a portal could leave it open to misinterpretation and confusion. This lead me to change it to the more accurate description of an ordinary local blog. This change will make the site more self evident, improving it just that little bit more.
  2. Quadrant Court residents aren’t alone in reading and posting here, a growing number of Forum House residents use it to. It makes complete sense to rename it Wembley City, which better represents all visitors of the Wembley redevelopment area. Service providers for the Wembley City area read the blog too.

The blog can now be reached by going to the following URL

If you have book marked the page, please update them from to