Bike theft again!!!!


I have just found out that my bike has been stolen from the bicycle storage room.
I went down there to pick up my bike but was no longer there. It was securely locked (with £60 lock) but no luck.
The concierge said that someone else reported their bike stolen as well and thinks somebody’s FOB key was used to get in (no force entry).

I’m upset my bike is gone but I’m even more angry because LRM (or whoever is responsible for the building) has been saying they will improve the security of the storage room since the last theft. But they kept delaying it and nothing has been done.

They promised us in the residents meeting as well!

At the end of the day, it’s my fault for trusting the building owner/manager to look after my own stuff. When it was quite obvious that they could not keep promises or take actions and responsibilities.

However, I’m still disappointed that it happened and that I have to live in a place where you cannot trust landlords to do there job.

If you have a quite expensive bike then I’ll suggest keeping it in your flat. It is not safe to leave it in the storage room. Anyone with our FOB key can access it.