Velocity 1


They provide an absolute rubbish service, the person by the name of Laurent has no manners and cannot solve any problems.

I have had numerous issues with them being a customer since March 2010, they keep charging me for phone calls that I have never made, never send any breakdown of the bill even via email.

The most recent thing is that they have charged me for SKy Sports that I have never subscribed to and I have another huge phone bill when I was out of the country for that time.

I have decided to complain to OFCOM as Velocity seem to have monopoly on services but most importantly the fact that I cannot find them registered anywhere and they do not ahdere to OFCOM code of practice.

This Laurent fellow did not even have the company’s registered address to hand, or their registration number, when I asked him to provide an address to make a complaint, he stated that there is no address, after asking for it over and over again he gave me a P.O.Box address without a postcode, when questioned he said you do not need a postcode, is this guy for real?