Residents Meeting, 26/10/2011


Just a quick summary of what was agreed during the meeting today between residents, Genesis and Family Mosaic.

1) The Service Charge Account

Genesis will investigate what is the actual balance of the service charge account for leaseholders and tenants under Genesis (cumulative and individual) and why some residents received the expenditure/balance report and some did not.

Family Mosaic will find out the same for residents under Family Mosaic and have the reports sent to them within a reasonable time frame.

2) Concierge

Genesis is in contact with LRM regarding full time concierge/security. LRM are to send a quote for modification of the reception area and fees for 24/7 security/concierge services within the next week and Genesis will inform the residents on this and subsequent actions and time frame for implementation of the services.

3) Genesis to investigate what is the latest regarding maintenance of the garden area and the fountain.

4) Any questions regarding heating bills should be directed individually to the energy efficiency managers in Genesis and Family Mosaic. The meter readings can be requested from the building manager.

5) There is confusion as to what the staff in the building management office is in charge of and their working hours. Genesis offered to look into this and let residents know about what can be expected from the staff.

6) Genesis and FM to start using this portal to communicate with QC residents.

If I have omitted any of the covered issues, please add to the list.