Parking and unloading


Hi all, I have posted this before but just wanted to bring it up again to find out if there have been any changes.

We have 2 kids and have to park on Manor Park Drive some times further. As we aren’t rich enough to own a parking space in the near empty carpark. We have to lug shopping and kids accross the busy road, leave kids and shopping in the foyer or in the flat unattended, run like a mad back to the car, navigate accross the road in a panic because we have left the children unattended. By the time we get in we are cream crackered.

When i have to do this by myself its a nightmare!! A guy from car park or the building sight or Brent (not sure) has also threatend to report me and my husband for parking on the double yellows by Tescos while we unload the kids and shopping.

According to him ” his company own the road” I tried to articulate that there isn’t parking close enough. He told me “put your car on the meter” errr I still have to lug the shopping and kids around the roundabout and across the road stupid!!

Can we have an unloading bay/space? Parking permits? Something! Anything!PLEASE!!!!!