Mayor meets Malaysian Student

Wembley Arena had a visit from London’s Mayor Boris Johnson for the final Yonex BWF World Championships.

The Mayor joined Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq, a victim during the riots, of a violent attack in Barking, East London. The student who despite a broken jaw had his belongings stolen, but still expressed a positive view of London.

Boris thanked him for continuing to have good things to say about the city. Together they enjoyed the Badminton at the world class 77-year-old venue based in Wembley.

This weekend Wembley arena attracted crowds of badminton fans from every community in London. In addition to the Yonex BWF World Championships there were unofficial tests for the London 2012 badminton tournament; the latter of which it passed with flying colours. Wembley arena will now host the London 2012 Olympic badminton tournament.