Smoke vents in hot corridors

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It’s a known fact that Quadrant Court has hot corridors but does anyone else think that it’s ok to turn on the smoke vent to cool things down? My neighbor seems to think it’s ok to do so, I once saw them holding a baby directly in front of it, to cool it down. I asked my neighbor not to do it again, explaining that it’s only for emergency use in case of a fire. I let them off the hook and decided not to report them as they must of just mistaken it for it for contemporary baby cooling device? Maybe there needs to be instructions in other languages like Bangladeshi etc?

All this week the smoke vent has been turned on with me having to come out and turn it off. Having suspicions that it’s either naughty kids or that neighbor, I eventually caught the culprit today. It again was the neighbor, after I kindly asked him to stop.

The neighbor insists that LRM has said it is ok to use the smoke vent when he is hot and completely disregard his neighbors at the same time. I will be contacting Family Mosaic about this issue, it’s such a nuisance.