Envac Expands

Envac Waste Systems are expanding its spaghetti like network of pipes which serve Quadrant Court and Forum House. The expansion will now include Brent Civic Centre; a new part nine-storey building with proposals to include offices for up to 2,000 Brent Council staff, new library (yes Brent Council will be funding a new Library but may have kiosks rather than books), Registrar’s Office & Community Hall, car-parking spaces in basement and charging points for electronic cars.

Wembley City’s flagship residential development waste output is transported through Envac’s pipes, the civic centre expansion will include 2000 more people to the process. Will the innovative system be compromised by a growing number of people failing to put the right kind of rubbish in the correct colour coded shoot? As Envac scales up will their recycling performance go down? it’s possible that if Envac doesn’t invest in effective user guides then no recycling will be achieved. Is Quadrant Court and Forum House effectively managing waste or does it all go to landfill?