Envac bins


I sent this email to Envac just now. I thought I should post it here as well because I want to let certain people know this: when you let the envac bins slam everytime you put out rubbish, you disturb every single resident of quadrant court who’s flat faces the courtyard. The bins slamming throughout the day and night is starting to affect my enjoyment of my home. Please close the doors gently. Just think, next time it could be your baby woken up when you just put them to sleep.

Thank you.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Last week 29th May, an Envac employee was showing what looked like a group of prospective clients around the Quadrant Court Courtyard to inspect the bins. As a resident, I spoke to the Envac employee, explaining about the design fault in the bin doors as follows:

When the door is left to slam shut on it’s own, three design related factors of a strong door spring, hollow metal barrel shaped chute and crucially a lack of adequate cushioning on the door combine with the fact that there are many residents who disregard the right of their neighbours to get a good night’s sleep or are oblivious to their surroundings and slam the doors shut.

The result is every 10 minutes or so, the bang of bin doors slamming thunders around the courtyard. At all times, right into the depths of the night. I have a young son and wife and we are often woken by the sound of the bins slamming and someone wandering off nonchalant or oblivious or both. The bins are creating an antisocial disturbance.

On that occasion, one of the group noted that the rubber lining the door is far too thin and soft to makre any difference. The Envac gentleman told me that he will come back and fit each bin door with a thick rubber ring so as to absorb the force of the impact of steel against reverberant steel and thus muffle the sound.

My Question is, when will that gentleman return and fulfil his promise?

I eagerly await your reply.

Yours faithfully

Michael Walter