Disturbance early on Sunday morning


This I guess is related to the previous post on 5:00 a.m. wake up call, but did you hear/see this guy sitting on the bench in the courtyard early on Sunday morning (around 4:30, he woke me up)? The guy was totally pissed, was talking to himself and shouting. After about 10 minutes of this monologue, a woman comes out through the terrace door from a ground floor flat and starts quarrelling with the guy. They almost have a fight and the woman then starts pushing him out of the courtyard, out of the building. They get stuck at the courtyard door and after about 10 minutes the guy finally leaves the building. Today I noticed the courtyard door is broken – it does not close. How did this guy get into the building in the first place? Quadrant Court definitely needs security – it is turning to a council estate. David, any news on the meeting with the management guy? If you are too busy please pass on his details to me and I’ll try to arrange something. Here are the links to what my security cameras recorded (and that is something I do not want to be seeing in my home again): http://www.youtube.com/user/vabracadabra