Very Important -bicycle store robbery


Dear all,

If you store a bicycle in the bicycle store please check if is still there as they was a burglary on the Monday night. Six bicycle were stolen including mine.Regardless mine was locked with chain on it, the chain was cut it. This will be my third bicycle stolen from the store since I move into the Quadrant Court last year.
Once again the police were called, they have the images from the CCTV and the records of the fob used to open the door, but the thief left only with warning.
Obviously the people involve are our neighbours and I am pretty sure they will strike again.

Unfortunately for me my bikes are gone and so far this “joy ” of living in QC it cost me over £600.

I will be writing complaints to LRM, PCHA and Family Mosaic giving them a feedback on the situation and rising the issue.

I hope you will find your bicycle where you left it the last time.

Have a good day!