BSkyB moving to Wembley?

According to Property Week – Market sources said the company was looking at a “variety of existing buildings” of between 20,000 sq ft and 180,000 sq ft, including in Wembley.

Wembley has a strong media presence already with the Stadium, Arena & Fountain studios which is where X-Factor is filmed. A move to Wembley does make sense, the closer Sky can get to Wembley Stadium the better it is for them. With sport being BSKYB’s highest grossing content bringing in audiences from all around the globe an office next to the national stadium is a no brainer. Last year Wembley Arena also was the venue for Sky one’s X-Factor rival music show ‘Must Be The Music’.

Could this move mean Quintain will eventually ditch Velocity1 and partner with Sky giving Wembley City residents proper Sky packages, discuss in the comments.