Wembley Park Tube commuters over paying on Oyster card

Yes, the oyster card system is fast but it’s not perfect, commuters are overpaying on their oyster cards. Passengers are charged a standard higher fee if they don’t both touch in and touch out.

Wembley Park Tube station was the borough of Brent’s worst case with overpayments reaching £164,000.

A TfL spokeswoman said: “We have maximum fares in place to ensure customers validate their journeys or we would be open to widespread fare evasion across our network.

“Clearly any passenger who believes they have been incorrectly charged a maximum fare should contact us to apply for a refund via the Oyster helpline or station ticket offices.”

The top ten stations where passengers were overcharged in 2010 were:

Waterloo (National Rail) £2,452,000
London Bridge (National Rail) £2,300,000
Liverpool Street (National Rail) £1,615,000
Bank (London Underground) £1,339,000
King’s Cross (London Underground) £1,073,000
Victoria (London Underground) £982,000
Stratford (National Rail) £877,000
Wimbledon (National Rail) £825,000
Oxford Circus (London Underground) £862,000
Liverpool Street (London Underground) £670,000

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