Love Clean London

The Quadrant Court Portal blog came about because of waste wrong doings, such as residents fly-tipping and wrongfully leaving rubbish next to the Envac Waste system. I was pleased to see other like minded residents also blogging about the rubbish even including photos. The fact is together we have made Quadrant Court a cleaner looking place by working together and making some noise, however there is still lots to do.

I have come across a new London wide initiative called ‘Love Clean London’, a ‘call to arms’ for Londoners in the run-up to 2012 and beyond. Love Clean London makes it easier for Londoners to report environmental crimes, receive feedback from London boroughs on progress and save London boroughs money, as described on their website.

It’s a brilliant idea whereby using your smart phone or using their web site you upload photos of fly-tipping or trash and it gets reported to the necessary local authority. Your report can be monitored for progress on their web site and users are notified once resolved.

It won’t apply to inside the fortress of the Quadrant because rubbish collection isn’t managed by a local authority. Instead our waste is managed by Envac Group, we can however, use it for any fly tipping outside of Quadrant Court. There have been reports of the unthinkable with residents throwing rubbish from their balconies onto the streets and I have seen fly tipping between Forum House & Quadrant court.

Our service charge may increase if local authorities end up spending to clean up after Quadrant Court residents. Residents will need to keep an eye out for this kind of behaviour and name & shame if we have to, hopefully it wont come to that.

Check it out here