Group Note Response From LRM

A few weeks back I published Group Note which intends to use social media to organize collective action. I would like to thank all the residents who were proactive and took part, I hope you received a response (the response I received follows).

LRM expressed a defensive response to the emails residents collectively sent about the broken main entrance door. LRM dismissed Group Note as spam, rather than acknowledging effort by residents who are simply seeking to improve where they live. There’s a big difference between spam and our emails, we’re not trying to sell LRM strange pharmaceuticals from Canada, we just want our expectations to be managed.

Residents who participated are simply proactive people and understand that LRM don’t have to live here. This means the only way things are going to change is by us doing something about it.

With or without a ‘Group Note’, any resident with LRM’s email address can do the same, if 100 residents from Quadrant Court sent an email, would that also be considered spam? For a service provider to describe our response as spam is simply arrogant and shows they are not taking us seriously. We are the ones who have to live here not LRM or Quintain or Genesis.

LRM responded by confirming what most of us have known; the main entrance was damaged from resident/s pulling it thus breaking the motor. Even the door handle is bent, a lot of force has been applied at some point.

The main entrance had been broken for over a week, opening partially before stopping suddenly resulting in residents bashing into it. It makes you wonder, with LRM’s office being closer to the main entrance door than anyones apartment, why was it left in the condition that made it open partially for so long? It simply looks bad, QC is clearly not being managed well, everyone knows, it’s no secret.

This is no personal attack on anyone in particular nor is it meant to encourage any resident to, this is just a response to receiving below average services that are not worth the service charge.

So LRM have confirmed parts needed to fix the main entrance are in the process of being ordered. It’s taking ages and I doubt we will learn who is to blame for the delay (name and email please if you know). So don’t expect the door to be fixed anytime soon. Instead you can expect the door to be left wide open at midnight for the next few months.

If you have noticed some repairs going on, such as the court yard pathway, please keep in mind that it is SISK (building contractors) carrying out repairs and not LRM. As the building has reached the end of it’s defects period, any such defects like the pathway are/ have being/been repaired.

I think residents are yet to see what LRM have to offer us, but hopefully this year we will see a worthy return of investment. I’m expecting LRM to repair the irrigation system in the court yard, the main entrance and consistent cleaning throughout, hopefully in the 1st Qtr of 2011 (is that too much to ask for?). If we don’t see an improvement, LRM should expect a hostile response, with residents writing letters directly to Quintain.

If you have any other items that residents should expect LRM to carry out please share below, don’t be shy now folks: