Last post of 2010

Continue reading to learn what our local blog has in store for 2011

Swap Shop

Despite Quadrant Court portals general positive direction there has been an unsuccessful area of the website; Swap Shop which failed to get any real traction or user adoption. I think it’s down to trusting one another or trusting the process of swapping with other residents; Swap Shop is likely to be discontinued early next year.

Group Note

Your Voice format has been a success for all residents and this will further-more become the heart of Quadrant Court Portal for 2011. Your voice will be enhanced by improved integration with the necessary authorities LRM, Genesis etc. by sending ‘Group Notes’ The goal is to have issues discussed by residents on the blog sent to the right people quickly. The objective will be to reduce the turn around time it takes to resolve issues like neglected broken doors resulting in less residents bashing their faces; so look out for Group Note functionality in 2011 that will allow this.

Content Editor wanted

For early 2011 (in fact ASAP) I will also be looking for a Quadrant Court Resident to become a Content Editor for our blog, if you are a “geek Mum blogger” interested in gaining some cool social media IT skills then keep an eye out for an advertisement coming soon.


We are not a group of people brought together because we are friends, or went to school together or use the same gym. Instead, we are a group of people that have come together through sharing the same experience; we all use the foyer, the Tesco Express, the court yard and we all live in Quadrant Court. At some point we all have used this blog, I have noticed that visitors from not just the Wembley area but further afield also frequently read this blog. Visitors of the Quadrant Court portal have come from beyond Wembley & London, even other countries (I understand that some residents may travel). Content shared here consists of personal experiences and should only be read by QC residents, so I am thinking of adding a login entry page to keep this blog private. I will publish a poll soon to find out if residents would prefer the blog left open or should residents be required to login with a username and password.
That’s it for 2010, I hope everyone had a great festive break. I wish all a blessed and graceful new year in a few hours time.
Happy New Year 2011,