The door mat


I arrived home from work and noticed my door mat was missing! Naturally, various ideas popped into my mind as to why this might have occurred?

Then I thought, there’s no way that my door mat costing less than £1 from Ikea could have been stolen, that’s just ridiculous.

So, I popped down to check my mail as there might be a clue as to where my door mat has vanished to. Also on the way down, I checked the notice board and door entrances for my core, which are plastered with notices. There it was, a notice about obstructing corridors, which had a line about door mats.

Now then, being incredibly busy the last few weeks, I find myself in and out of this building with not much time to read all the notices fully. Sometimes I work from home, where I don’t leave the apartment at all. I would find it useful if such notices were posted here online. This will allow me to be informed on the go and read such notices via smart phone.

It started with just one or two notices on the board, out of nowhere this has grown to quite a few. I find this inconsistent, I literally have been taken by surprise. Even the door entrances, are pasted with notices, it looks untidy. I think the building manager should also post his notices on here, it will save paper and is more accessible.

Because I missed a notice that included a deadline which was posted up for only a few days, I now must pay for the removal of my £1 door mat. Does anyone know how much this is going to cost me?