Paan in the a*se


Dearest resisdents, its saddens me to see this forum being populated with stories of demise, I would like to bring to your attention a issue which I encountered upoin entering the building with some guests. ‘Urgh what is that!’ shouted my guest, ‘hmm looks like blood stains’, ‘no its paan stains’ – what the hecks ‘Paan’, its this tabacco like substance people chew and spit! – it stains the floor. Its a common problem in Wembley, you may have seen the friendly no paan spitting posters.

I find this problem deeply upsetting as its one of the first thing guests see as they enter the building. Id be interested to know what ideas people have to resolve this problem.
Personally Id like to see more involvement from the building manager on this forum, so we can feel assured our concerns are at least being understood.