England V France – Sold Out – This Wednesday 17th November

England faces France this Wednesday at Wembley Stadium and it is sold out, kick off is from 8pm. We’re expecting around 70,000 plus fans, but don’t forget with all the excitement comes some disruption for locals.

Here’s some advice before the big game:

  • Try to plan your day ahead of this major event, as always there will be some road closures in the areas surrounding the stadium. If you use a car, you might prefer public transport that day due to the guaranteed traffic chaos.
  • A residents’ permit scheme operates in the local area on stadium event days and the local council has stated that illegally parked cars will be issued with fines and towed away.
  • Report anything suspicious to staff or police.

Did you know:

That during the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China, residents were given instructions on etiquette when communicating with foreigners. These instructions included the ‘eight don’t asks’:

Don’t ask:

Questions about age, love lives, health, income, political views, religious beliefs or personal experiences.

This may sound very odd to you and me but it’s normal for Chinese to ask people they just met such questions. Foreigners respond negatively to such questions hence the locals being educated to be more socially sensitive when communicating with visitors.

This Wednesday will see away fans coming over from France, so if anyone wants to share ideas on the best etiquette towards the French 🙂 then please use the Your Voice page.